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Ales Rueda Exportador de vino

Wines of great quality

We offer unique and balanced wines, with a story behind ready to unfold

Elaborate wines, by passionate vintners, which transmit their home ground, region and origin. Care, passion and humbleness drive me.

Vinyes de L´Albà

Land of masías

In the municipality of Aiguamúrcia, in the region of Alt Camp (Tarragona), within the limits of an old masía, these 29.65 acres (12 hectares) can be found. 
Over an altitude of about 500 metres and the marinada (the Mediterranean breeze) entering smoothly across the basin, it favours a perfect microclimate so that the sumoll, native, fresh and wild variety, ripens slowly and evenly.


3 Elementos

It is not another Ribera

Right in the western setting of Ribera del Duero certificate of origin, in the province of Valladolid, we find this recently created winery.
Eduardo and his team, breaking the established rules and departing from a different way of understanding the riverside, elaborate a different wine with the Tempranillo, unloading a bomb of freshness and fruits, creating wines totally alien to the most classic style of the DO.


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Guilera Cava

Elaborating ageing cavas since 1927

In the Penedès, the region of cava, where the Montserrat mountains protect from the northern winds and the mediterranean breeze sprinkle from the south, this familiar masía is located, where handmade ageing cavas reach their greatest expression.
Isidre Guilera believed from the very beginning in the ageing cava and the family has followed the same path as they believe that a cava requires time before turning into a great one. Time to constitute a harmonious whole. Time to let things happen.
Time, quality and familiar tradition. This is Cava Guilera.


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