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Ales Rueda Exportador de vino

I am driven by my passion for wine

On this project I want to communicate that passion and respect

Basque entrepeneur, WSET graduate and a professional in the sector, I never stop learning, travelling, getting to know other regions, projects, stories and people.
From my early childhood background in La Rioja to this day, I have kept learning and enjoying the whole process. And asking. I have also witnessed small and medium-sized wineries having difficulties to make themselves visible abroad.

With me, wineries share the same professional, they have a external department on their own, share expenses, save costs creating synergies and attend fairs or igh-impact events that would be unaffordable or unfeasible otherwise.

What is more, importers willing to discover native varieties, unique projects and people, will have a representative that will provide an assorted portfolio, supporting wine promotion at destination and easing their daily life.

Exporting directly from wineries

It’s a long but an amazing journey. Are you coming?

We are the export department of several wineries. We will walk hand in hand to build
confidence, to create a trademark and to establish bonds that will help us position in the markets.