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Ales Rueda: Sumiller y Personal Wine Shopper en Bilbao

Ales Rueda

Wine Business Consultant

I want to help wineries and independent vintners, which currently have some or none presence in international markets, becoming their external exportdepartment.
Why should we help each other? Because unique projects exist, because there are vintners recovering native varieties and because there are wineries that cannot afford having their own export department at their disposal. This way, they share the same professional with whom they can work hand in hand.
Complementing and supporting it’s a great opportunity to make you visible in external markets. It is one of mankind’s greatness: we are stronger together.
Why Ales Rueda? Because this is my most personal project; a considered one, built from care and respect to the amazing world wine is. From this tiny area we will work so that these barely unknown wine regions, projects that will give food for thought and passionate vintners who are in love with their homeland are given the opportunity to be known and acknowledged.
For further information, I invite you to contact me.

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